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CS:S – 1on1 Autumn Cup Series

autum cupIt is getting colder outside and it is getting darker outside sooner than during Summer. This all hints to one thing: it is time for our seasonal competitions again, up next: Autumn!Keep on reading to get all the details of 1on1 Autumn Cup Series!


Cup Series – what does that mean? Well, it will have 4 qualifier cups, which are open to everyone. The best 2 players of each cup will advance to the playoffs, where the winners of this competition will ultimately be found! Have a look at the boxes below for all the details about the format of this competition:

PARTICIPANTS: 16 players
TIME FRAME: 6th November 2013 – 4th December 2013 (a detailed schedule can be found below)
RULESclick here
SETTINGS1on1 (esl1on1.cfg)
MODE: MR15 – Overtime: mp_startmoney 10000, mp_maxrounds 6


CUP SIZE: 16 players
ADVANCE TO PLAYOFFS: #1 and #2 of each group
NO-SHOW: If your opponent is not present within 10 minutes after you have posted the IP and password, you have to open a protest to request a default win. ESL Wire Anti-Cheat logfiles are being used to determine whether or not someone was present.
REPLAYS: Replays can be demanded up to 30 minutes after the match took place. Your opponent has 24 hours to upload the requested replay(s). Not uploading the requested replays will lead to a default win.


SEEDING: 1st Cup #1 – 2nd Cup #2, 1st Cup #2 – 2nd Cup #1, 3rd Cup #1 – 4th Cup #2, 3rd Cup #2 – 4th Cup #1
PLAYOFF MODE: Single Elimination
RULESclick here
In order to participate in 1on1 Autumn Cup Series, you need to sign-up first using the links below. Do not forget to check-in shortly before the cup, there is an explanation below.

SIGN-UP Cup #1


SIGN-UP Cup #2


SIGN-UP Cup #3


SIGN-UP Cup #4

In each cup we will use the ESL “Check-In System”. If you don’t know the handling, here is a short explanation.

cup check in sys

Step 1 – Reservation (green)
Here you can reserve a place in the cup, but you have to confirm your participation later.

Step 2 – Confirmation (yellow)
30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to confirm your participation, if you have done that, you are in the cup.

Step 3 – Entry (red)
You didn’t get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still enter the cup 20 minutes before it starts!


 Cup #1 Tuesday, 5th November, 19:00 CEST
 Cup #2 Tuesday, 12th November, 19:00 CEST
 Cup #3 Tuesday, 19th November, 19:00 CEST
 Cup #4 Tuesday, 26th November, 19:00 CEST
 Playoffs Tuesday, 2nd December, 19:00 CEST

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player premiummember
ESL Premium Account

  • star gold1st Place: 3 Months
  • star silver2nd Place: 2 Months
  • star bronze3rd Place: 1 Month
award autumn Special Award
for the winner of the cup

In order to get your prizes you need to open a support ticket!

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