2019/04/22 6:45:53 PM

Asus ROG Introduces Gladius Gaming Mouse with Customizable Click Resistance

Asus Gladius gaming mouse

An ergonomic rodent for right-handed gamers

We can’t say we’ve ever felt the need to adjust the click resistance on our mouse buttons, but at the same time, we won’t begrudge Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) for implementing the feature in its new Gladius gaming mouse — heck,we’ll try just about anything once. The Gladius makes use of Omron mouse switches that are good for 20 million clicks, and should you ever reach that, Asus ROG built an easy-swap socket to make replacement a breeze.

If you prefer a different feel than the out-of-box experience, Asus ROG also included two Japanese-made switches so you can personalize the click response.

Moving on, the 116-gram rodent sports an “advanced” 6400 DPI optical sensor capable of tracking up to 200 inches per second and up to 50g acceleration at lift-off distances of 1.5mm. Polling rate is customizable up to 2GHz, and there’s a DPI switch that switches between two different settings on-the-fly.

There are half a dozen programmable buttons in all, along with two programmable slide-to-press side switches. Once you have everything dialed in, you can save your settings to a profile courtesy of the built-in flash memory.

Finally, the Gladius has two tails — one is a 2-meter braided USB cable for desktop use and the other is a regular 1-meter USB travel cable for use at LAN parties. Either cable detaches with the press of a button.

The Gladius is available starting today at $69 MSRP.

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