2019/02/21 4:07:17 PM

Dynamic E-Ink Keyboard

jaasta e-ink

Keys that can adapt to different applications and languages

We’ve already seen dynamic keyboards featuring tiny OLED or LCD screens in place of run-of-the-mill plastic keys, but a new PC peripheral outfit named Jaasta thinks that the dynamic keyboard that the world really needs is the one it is currently developing — the Jaasta Wireless E Ink Keyboard.

The idea is simple and one that we have seen before: a keyboard with fully customizable dynamic keys that can adapt themselves to different applications and languages on the fly. There’s an e-ink screen behind each key and the keyboard packs a 3.5-inch multi-touch touchpad.

According to the company, the keyboard will be available for pre-order soon for $300. However, those of you who have lately become wary of crowdfunding campaigns that promise too much and deliver too little (if anything at all), be warned that in Jaasta’s world pre-orders are the same thing as crowdfunding.

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