2020/02/18 6:59:04 PM

Asus ROG Unloads Expansive Lineup of New Gaming Gear at CES

asus_rog_spathaUh, where’s the kitchen sink?

Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is quickly wrapping up, though not before Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) could blitz gamers with a bevy of hardware, including its new Spatha and Sica Gaming Mice, Strix Tactic Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and a few other products. While not all of what Asus ROG brought to the convention was brand spanking new, the company certainly showed that it has PC gaming on the brain.

The ROG Spatha is being billed as Asus ROG’s new flagship gaming mouse. Details are a bit light, though the company says the rodent is custom-engineered to give gamers an advantage in MMO and RPGs. It has half a dozen customizable macro buttons postitioned for thumb operation, is wireless, and comes with a charging dock.

Also on the topic of mice is the ROG Sica. This one sports a wired design and is intended mostly for MOBA gamers with a high-precision 5,000 DPI optical sensor. Lefties will be pleased to know it’s an ambidextrous mouse suitable for both left- and right-handed play.


The other major mentionable is the Strix Tactic Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Gamers can choose between Cherry MX black, blue, brown, or red key switches. All versions come with backlighting, N-Key Rollover technology over USB, 13 dedicated macro keys, and the ability to reassign the F1 through F8 keys as macros, giving gamers a total of 21 one-touch commands. It also features on-the-fly macro recording.

Asus also brought to the show its Swift PG27AQ 4K IPS gaming monitor, ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge (it has an illuminated ROG logo and a “sleek aluminum luster”), and Whetstone mouse pad, the latter of which is the first ROG hybrid silicone-fabric mouse pad to date. It uses Mayan-inspired texturing and incorporates both solid-bonding and heat-sealing techniques for what’s supposed to be a durable finish.

The hype is high and we look forward to putting some of these products through their paces in the coming weeks and months.


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