2020/02/18 6:53:08 PM

Charge your phone while you jam out on Phaz’s headphones

phaz_headphones_3Phaz is hoping to grab some of your dollar’s music-listening attention with its newly launched P2 headphones. This over the ear headset is powered — while in active mode — by a 1200 mAh battery that’ll also charge your phone via a USB port while you’re listening. The controls are dead simple: on the bottom of one earpiece is a button that fires up the headset’s amplifier to ramp up the sound output and on the other a button for 15db of bass boost, though neither are necessary to listen to music. These cans are surprisingly light and come wrapped in carbon fibre from the housing to the head strap, and while that look is often reserved for automotive, it works well here. The perforated leather material cups are soft, comfy and come in either orange, purple, green or black. The headset is available for $249 on pre-order now and should start shipping in April.

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