2020/02/18 6:15:44 PM

[CSGOLounge] First day of MLG X games


First day of MLG X games was a crazy story with surprises left and right.

E-sport grow so fast and betting business has grown along with it. During the first day of the MLG X games there were over 40 million bets in CSGOLounge, the most popular betting page in CS:GO.

On CSGOLounge players can’t place bets for money. Instead, you can use skins and weapons that can be used in the game, but also sold in a market.

The tournament began with a solid win for Fnatic, then got the rest of the world behold the first big surprise when US CLG defeated LDLC. The question is whether CSGOLounge figure will grow when the second day kicks off.


First day of MLG CS:GO: Placed value in total ($) – 4 477 231$

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