2020/02/18 7:56:01 PM

CSGO Update: The Return of the Rifles!

Big changes within CSGO recently as once again the cries of the people have been heard by Valve! But are they for the better? 

As you may all know, either from the cries from the community, the large increase of AUG and SGs being used in game or from our reports on the matter, the pistols and the rifles have undergone a lot of changes since the revolver update hit. The changes were reportedly to give tap shooters and burst firers more viability and reduce the amount of random spray downs that are seen in game.

It seems that at the time the developers didn’t realise the full impact of these changes, and have reverted both the pistols and the rifles back to their pre-update state, as seen here. Regarding why they reverted the update, the developers have this to say:

“Unfortunately, our implementation failed in a few ways.

For one thing, increasing inaccuracy while spraying also comes with reduced accuracy for all forms of firing. Proportionally, spraying was the most impacted, but we underestimated the impact that the change would have on players who were already firing in shorter bursts.”


“Since we likely changed too much too quickly, in today’s update we’re rolling back both the rifle and pistol adjustments to their pre-Winter Update state.”

Interestingly enough it seems the pistols have also been reverted in this update, which means they are as accurate whilst moving as before the update, definitely something to note.

It seems as though Valve have heard our voice on the matter and are looking into steps to fix it, but how did you feel about the updates, did your tap firing get tapped out? Did your burst fire blow out or did your spray downs feel like a washout? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.
Patch Notes:


Reverted recent changes to pistols and the AK-47, M4A4, and M4A1-S (see the CS:GO blog for details).


Other players can now hear the sound of the R8 Revolver primary fire hammer just before it fires.
Smoke clouds from smoke grenades detonated by burning fire will now correctly cover the ground instead of floating above that area.
Fire grenades that had been only partially extinguished by smoke will no longer deal damage from the flames under smoke grenade (fix for a bug discovered by jasonRRR)
Flames from fire grenades that are still spreading will no longer spread into the smoke cloud and will instead spread along the edge of the smoke cloud.
Fixed up-to-360-degree camera flip in Killer Replay.
Fixed an instance where an offer showed the incorrect price.

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