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3D Relax Cube IV (Counter-Strike Still Alive)

Fondas: 1600lt 800lt + 5x G800V X7 (Winner Choice) klaviatūros + taurė + diplomai 500lt + diplomai 300lt + diplomai Visai nesenai įvyko didžiausias turnyras Baltijos šalyse t.y. “Technorama Christmas Lan Party”. Tačiau ten nebuvo žaidžiamas Counter-Strike 1.6. 3D Relax Cube Jums pristato jau 4-tąjį Counter-Strike 1.6 turnyrą “Counter-Strike 1.6 Still Alive“. Šį kartą planuoja suorganizuoti 16 komandų turnyrą. Turnyrą sudarys 4 ...
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XTCS Final Release 2011

XTCS Final Release 2011 General: It has counter-strike 1.6 radio sounds + condition zero models player and source weapon skins. The graphics aren’t so diferent from counter-strike 1.6 classic. The graphics of maps are same. Gameplay is one good and i recommend downloading this. For me , it is a nice counter-strike and better than carbon and ghotic. EXE  ZIP 
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Skins Alive: CS:GO Gets Realistic Weapon Skinning Tool

CS:GO is the 4th, 6th and 9th most popular games on Steam, it’s only recently begun to feel like one of Valve’s games. They’re now honoring the M4A1 fetishism of the game’s tens of thousands of players by adding player-created Weapon Finishes. Valve have added the Workbench to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a tool for viewing and creating Counter-Strike skins. The community has been ...
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BHop-Hack V1.3

Vac 2: Nepastebimas zBlock: Nepastebimas Detox: Nepastebimas ESL Viela: Nepastebimas SGTLS: Nepastebimas VBAC: Nepastebimas KAC: Nepastebimas AC0.7: Nepastebimas ÜAC1.0: Nepastebimas ABHOP: Nepastebimas NC: Nepastebimas DeToCs: Nepastebimas Aequitas: Nepastebimas PBCs: Nepastebimas Naudojimas: 1. Paleidziame BHop-Hack V1.3 2. Einame i Zaidima 3. Spaudziam space ir sokinejam Padaryta: Counter-Strike: Source Dirba su: Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike 1.6 CZ Counter-Strike Promod Counter-Strike Online BHop-Hack.V1.3.csgames.lt.exe ()
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