2020/04/02 5:13:51 AM

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NVIDIA Brings Maxwell to Millions of Gamers with GeForce GTX 960

Today’s introduction of GeForce GTX 960 brings Maxwell’s powerful and efficient architecture to more gamers than ever before. The GTX 960 offers the same incredible Maxwell performance and advanced technologies of its big brother the GTX 980, but at a more affordable $199 price point. That means more and more gamers can enjoy next generation PC gameplay, continuing to fuel ...
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Windows 10 and DirectX 12 – PC Gaming Will Be Better Soon

nvidia ceo web

Stunning graphics. A deep well of great titles. And almost limitless flexibility. PC gaming is already a great experience. It’s about to get better. At an event at its Redmond, Washington headquarters Wednesday, Microsoft outlined how it’s putting gaming at the core of the next version of its Windows operating system – Windows 10. It’s a move that’s sure to ...
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Asus ROG Unloads Expansive Lineup of New Gaming Gear at CES

Uh, where’s the kitchen sink? Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is quickly wrapping up, though not before Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) could blitz gamers with a bevy of hardware, including its new Spatha and Sica Gaming Mice, Strix Tactic Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and a few other products. While not all of what Asus ROG brought ...
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Asus Rolls Out Strix 2.0 Gaming Headset for Multi-Platform Gamers

A headset for platform agnostic gamers We obviously favor gaming on the PC, and that’s not about to change. However, we also recognize that some gamers like to groove on multiple platforms. Apparently so does Asus, which just announced its Strix 2.0 headset with support for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, smartphones, and tablets. Granted, you may look a little funny ...
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Sharkoon Launches Rush Core Headset for Gamers on a Budget

Premium design in a low cost pacakge Sharkoon is claiming that its Rush Core headset for gamers teeters on the high end with a premium design and feature-set, yet manages to carry a low price tag of just 17 euros (~$23 in U.S. currency). We’re a little skeptical at how well a budget priced headset can sound, but on paper and ...
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Capture Every Win With GeForce ShadowPlay

At last – NVIDIA introduces an advanced game capture tool that lets you capture and stream your greatest gaming moments, with little performance hit to frame rates. That’s the promise of ShadowPlay, launching with the upcoming release of GeForce Experience 1.7 on Monday, Oct. 21. ShadowPlay is build to solve a common problem. Gamers love to record their games and ...
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Steam Controller

Valve has announced has announced a unique gamepad that would be a good fit for your living-room gaming needs, the Steam Controller. “Steam gamers, who are used to the input associated with PCs, will appreciate that the Steam Controller’s resolution approaches that of a desktop mouse. Whole genres of games that were previously only playable with a keyboard and mouse are now accessible from ...
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