2020/02/18 7:51:15 AM

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CSGO Update: The Return of the Rifles!

Big changes within CSGO recently as once again the cries of the people have been heard by Valve! But are they for the better?  As you may all know, either from the cries from the community, the large increase of AUG and SGs being used in game or from our reports on the matter, the pistols and the rifles have undergone a lot ...
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[CSGO Update] The Revolver #3

Yet again we have a Revolver update!  The revolver came out earlier this week and within minutes the hype had turned into fear, with the damage being ridiculously high for a pistol. The weapon far overshadowed some of the other good points in the update bringing more heat onto the devs at Valve with some, admittedly overzealous, calls of people ...
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[CSGO Update] The Revolver 2

[MISC] – Fixed exploits with the R8 Revolver, including being able to fire during freezetime or defusal. – Fixed a disappearing smoke exploit. – Fixed a timeouts-related exploit. – Fixed competitive UI flickering at the end of rounds. – Fixed a regression in logaddress_add to allow DNS hostname resolve. – Fixed a rare game server crash after replay. – R8 ...
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CS:GO’s Winter Update [R8 Revolver]

r8 revolver

Merry Christmas, everyone! Peace, goodwill and OP revolvers to all men, isn’t that how the saying goes? Well, it’s too early to call OP on the new Desert Eagle-slot R8, but Counter-Strike sure is sexing it up: The R8 costs a mere $850 and a body shot will be enough to drop anyone, regardless of body armour. Presuming you can judge those lengthy trigger-pulls, ...
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