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CSGO Update: The Return of the Rifles!

Big changes within CSGO recently as once again the cries of the people have been heard by Valve! But are they for the better?  As you may all know, either from the cries from the community, the large increase of AUG and SGs being used in game or from our reports on the matter, the pistols and the rifles have undergone a lot ...
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Steam Steps Up Security to Address 77,000 Monthly Account Hacks

Hacking Steam accounts isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s something that’s been going on since its inception. However, it’s now more common than ever before and “essentially all Steam accounts are now targets,” Valve stated in a blog post talking about security. Valve pegs the number of Steam accounts that are hijacked and pillaged each month at 77,000 and points out ...
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[CSGO Update] The Revolver #3

Yet again we have a Revolver update!  The revolver came out earlier this week and within minutes the hype had turned into fear, with the damage being ridiculously high for a pistol. The weapon far overshadowed some of the other good points in the update bringing more heat onto the devs at Valve with some, admittedly overzealous, calls of people ...
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Map Data

Valve’re always looking for ways to make better decisions using data. They previously posted map balance data, and it’s time for an update! Below you’ll find some current statistics for the Active Duty map pool. Some maps, like Dust2, have not changed much. Others, like Cobblestone and Overpass, have changed dramatically. Check out the results below, and let us know what ... Read More »

Steam for Linux Bug Can Wipe Out All Files on a PC

Even files on external storage devices are not safe Barely a fortnight into the year and we have already got ourselves a strong contender (if not a shoo-in) for the year’s scariest Steam bug. The good news is that the vast majority of Steam users don’t have anything to worry about as the bug in question, which was reported by ... Read More »

Potential Steam Controller Design Leaks to Web

Welcome back, D-pad Had things gone to plan, official Steam Machines would have already begun flooding the market by now, though those plans got put on hold when Valve decided to delay the initiative so that it could have extra time to tweak its Steam Controller. Valve dropped the bombshell just shy of seven months ago, and while there’s still ...
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Re-introducing Train

Train is a memorable and classic Counter-Strike map. Valve is excited to begin a new chapter in the history of Train by releasing a new and upgraded version for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They’ve rebuilt the map from the ground up in order to improve both the visual appearance and competitive gameplay balance of this iconic location.Primary goals were to improve the ...
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DreamHack 2014: Winners

Congratulations to Team LDLC on winning the The 2014 DreamHack CS:GO Championship! They take home $100,000 of the $250,000 community funded prize pool. Team LDLC won the best of three against Ninjas in Pyjamas, with a great run in overtime that denied Ninjas in Pyjamas the chance to win another title. Valve like to thank all the teams, everyone at DreamHack, ...
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Nvidia Announces Android 5.0 Lollipop Coming to Shield Tablet, Valve Bundle, and GRID Streaming

Half-Life 2: Episode One optimized for Shield Owners of Nvidia’s Shield Tablet will be in for a surprise soon. Nvidia is releasing a major software update and new capabilities for the Shield Tablet which will involve upgrading its OS to Android 5.0 Lollipop, refreshing the handheld’s apps, and introducing the company’s new GRID on-demand gaming service. The Shield Tablet, which ...
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